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Festival of Color

Stories. Traditions. Fun. 


Holi (March)

What is a Festivity Box?

A festivity box is a multiple activity box, catered to children approximately between 3 and 6. The theme of each box revolves around a pre-selected festival and carefully curated contents aim to expose children to distinct aspects of celebrating it.


Feed Curiosity With Creativity

Engage your child with fun activities and even a recipe to spark their curiosity.

Fun Ways To Learn

Explore the World’s Cultures and celebrate them right at home.

Make Lasting Memories

 Enjoy togetherness, make memories.

Build your Festivity community

 Join our community, share ideas, and engage with like-minded caregivers.

How it Works ?

Pick a festival

Buy a single box for $44.99 or select from one of our bundled packages.

Customize the box

Add kits and subtract conflicts. Additional activity and celebration kits for multiple children.

Place your Order

That’s all you really have to do! We’ll deliver the excitement.

Revel in Festive Cheer Throughout the year!

Here is our 2022 box offering


Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi celebrates the special bond between siblings, cousins or even close friends. Our festivity box themed after Raksha Bandhan can be used to celebrate the festival at home or as a gift for someone special!

Raksha Bandhan


Apple and Honey

Join us as we learn about Rosh Hashanah- one of the most important festivals for Jewish people all over the world. Our box touches of aspects of Rosh Hashanah as well as its culmination into Yom Kippur. 

Rosh Hashanah



Diwali is also known as the festival of lights and is one of the major festivals celebrated by Hindus all over India. The festival usually lasts five days and is characterized with fireworks, sweets, decorations and spending time with family & friends.




This colorful holiday, traditionally from Mexico honors and celebrates family members who have died. Featuring colorful decorations, food and music- people celebrating prepare elaborate alters to honor their ancestors. 

Dia de Muertos



Our holiday box celebrates multiple cultures and holidays across the globe- Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hannukah to name a few. Some spread the holiday cheer with your families and Festivity!

Holiday Box



Add kits and subtract conflicts. Additional activity and celebration kits.

Note: Available only with the purchase of a full-priced festival box.

Sibling Add On


Get all 5 festivity boxes!


5 Festivals

What’s in the box?

Every box contains a set of curated items and activities that engage your child and expose them to distinct aspects of the festival.

Every festival has a story. An exciting book tells it through vibrant colours and modern themes, so children enjoy reading it.

Get crafty with a special DIY activity. This keeps children delightfully engaged and creates the festival’s memory by association.

Explore the different ways a single festival is celebrated across regions.

Curated items to help you celebrate just like a local. Immerse in festivities far away.

Relish a festival themed food item. Also, share the joy of making it with your child with an easy-to-execute recipe.

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